Neliblu Snappy Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys For Sensory Kids - Snake Puzzle

Neliblu Snappy Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys


Tactile fidget toys are amazing for all children and adults, but especially those with extra energy, add/adhd, ocd, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention. Snap and click! Each of the 24 links on the snap & click toy pivots and locks into 5 positions so you can build and shape the chain in lots of different ways. READ MORE When you snap the links together, they emit a satisfying click sound. Builds fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination skills, problem solving skills and expands the mind while sharpening your powers of deduction. Amazing toys for engineering or artistically-minded children. Manipulate the links to create your own shapes and designs. Great party favor! Makes an excellent party favor item to give away at your next birthday party. Or add these to your easter basket for a fun and challenging easter game. The snap and click toy is a premier fidget toy that's hard to put down. Buy with confidence! Backed by neliblu 100% money back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty when purchased.

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